William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Who were these courageous young men who won the VC?
They joined up to serve their King and keep the world free.
Many of us knew the wet canteen stories and myths.
About brave guys like our own, BC’s Smokey Smith.

The stories weren’t stretched, were not embellished or twisted.
Because, right now here in this book the citations are listed.
They have a place of honour in our Canadian War Museum.
Their photos and medals groups by the public should be seen.

Listed herein are their pictures and citations of glory.
They tell our military history, the Canadian true story.
As you turn the pages perhaps you should give a thought.
To these brave Canadians who gave all as they fought.

This presentation, “Brave Chests”, will be published in book form in the future. The presentation is subject to International Copyright Laws and written permission MUST be sought from the author, Jim MacMillan-Murphy, before using it in any form.