William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Jim M and M, he started Peacekeepers Memorial Day
That was 16 years ago, it seems like just yesterday
He went to the Government and the Lt Gov here in BC
They made it official with a chartered Provincial Decree

It was not long before other provinces, soon copied us
And for years each declaration was made without fuss
Now it has come to pass here in two thousand and eight
It went through both Houses and it passed each debate

So now it is official, Canada has the Peacekeepers Day
To honour our fallen from each Peace fracas and fray
They read out the names from our Peace Support Mission
Our Afghanistan KIA list with its terrible continued attrition

On each August the ninth all of our Canadians can parade
And remember our fallen and the sacrifices they all made
We can show our appreciation to the women and the men
Who made the quest for global harmony again and again

The Canadian People Now Have a Peacekeeper Day

WHEREAS the national headquarters of the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association is located in Victoria, British Columbia, and

WHEREAS the Association represents over 120,000 members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Naval, Army, Air Force and Royal Canadian Mounted Police who have or are serving with peacekeeping forces all over the world, and

WHEREAS Canada’s peacekeepers continue to make an outstanding contribution to peace throughout the world, often in dangerous situations, and

WHEREAS one hundred and thirty-six Canadian peacekeepers have lost their lives “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE” while stationed in India, Korea, Israel, Vietnam, Egypt, Zaire, Cyprus, Syria, Thailand, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovinia and Somalia, and

WHEREAS it is deemed appropriate that August 9th be set aside as a memorial day in honour of those peacekeepers who gave their lives for peace, and

WHEREAS Our Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, has been pleased to direct by Order in Council in that behalf that a Proclamation be issued designating every August 9th as “Peacekeeping Memorial Day” in British Columbia;

NOW KNOW YE THAT We do by these presents proclaim and declare that every August 9th shall be known as

“Peacekeeping Memorial Day”

in British Columbia.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Our Province to be hereunto affixed.

WITNESS The Honourable David C. Lam, Lieutenant Governor of Our Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our Province, this thirtieth day of June, in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three and in the forty-second year of Our Reign.


Sunday August 10, 2008

Darren Stone, Times Colonist: August 10, 2008
Darren Stone, Times Colonist: August 10, 2008
Front row – left to right: Billy Willbond, Bobby Collins, Gerry Ratchford
2nd row – left to right: Vic Mumford, Herb Pitts, Ed Widenmaier
3rd row (Behind Ed): Barry Phillips

Members of peacekeeping veterans' associations march at the 16th Annual Peacekeepers Memorial Day Service at the B.C. legislature yesterday. The parade is held annually on Aug. 9 to honour members of the Canadian Forces who have died on peace operations. The day recalls the deaths of nine Canadians killed when a missile hit their aircraft over the Golan Heights in 1974. In Ottawa, Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson participated in a ceremony marking – the first official day of national recognition for Canadian peacekeepers.