William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Oh what Maple Leaf fools Canadians all are –
A home-grown terrorist has once again gone too far!
We accept pissing on monuments to our glorious dead
Give perps a wee warning and a pat on the head

I may seem quite callous and I’ll probably get heck
But aren’t most of these problems caused down in Quebec?
It’s a Canadian myth that we are the worlds best
About death and destruction I should dare not jest?

We release our madmen – the total mentally sick
A message comes home with these headlines real quick
We spend our tax dollars on ad scams and more
And another few bucks on the Afghanistan war!

Those who are ill they don’t take their pill
They live on the cold and mean streets
There’s a myth they are free, but between you and me
Violent death and police bullets set them free!

Perhaps it is time to put a damper on crime
Open up the Canadian bedlams again?
Put away the folks who are society’s jokes
Those who freeze on the streets in the rain?

A response inspired by the blog entry, “The Canadian Myth” ©Copyright September 14, 2006 by John-Ward Leighton