William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There’s a group of experts that Canadian’s really admire
We all honour the mine removers who work under fire
Mark Isfeld was one of this courageous honourable crew
He kept removing the land mines until one of them blew

It takes extra guts to be a mine removal Engineer
One has to be skilled and must try not to show fear
When battles are ceased, not all mines are cleared
Our mine dogs and people continue year after year

In the former Yugoslavia with the soldiers of peace
They keep removing mines-the danger hasn’t ceased
They are clearing the mine fields o’er in Mozambique
This is really no civvie job, for the weak or the meek

Some retired soldiers run Canada’s Landmine Foundation
They need your support from all across this great Nation
Scott Fairweather’s Headquarters is situated in Toronto
He could use your support, for mine removal, pronto!

Perhaps you should consider donating just a wee bit more
To help remove the land mines after each bloody war
Mail a cheque to Our Canadian Landmine Foundation
You’ll receive an I/T receipt, and a great feeling of elation!

Canadian Landmine Foundation, 623 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, M4T 2A1
Website www.clmf.org
Email: scott@clmf.org
Tel: 416-365-9461 ext 22

The Canadian Landmine Foundation
Canadian Landmine Foundation
FondatIon des Mines Terrastres du Canada
A partner in Adopt-A-Minefield Partenaire & Adopt-A-Minefield

Student Wins the Canadian Landmine Foundation’s Mark R. Isfeld Essay Contest

(Toronto — July 31, 2008) The Canadian Landmine Foundation is happy to announce that Sara Everson, of Port Hope is the winner of the third annual Mark Isfeld Essay Contest. The essay contest was an opportunity for students across Canada to share their stories about the Canadian tradition of peacekeeping. The contest was well received by Canadian students with 265 entries this year. Sara receives a $500 scholarship donated by the MCpI. Mark Isfeld Memorial Chapter of the Canadian Association of UN Peacekeeping, and her essay will be featured in the “Celebrate a Peace of Canada” booklet produced by the Canadian Landmine Foundation for Peacekeepers’ Day.

Since the beginning of the essay contest 3 years ago we have asked prominent Canadians to participate in the judging of the essays. This year, Col (ret.) Don Ethell (Canada’s most experienced peacekeeper), Sgt (ret.) Billy Willbond (Canada’s soldier poet), Ms. Bonnie McFeeters (from Veteran Affairs Canada) and the Executive Committee of Legion Branch 199 in Vancouver acted as judges.

l am very proud of the students who took the time to learn about our peacekeeping heritage and to think about what peacekeeping means to them as Canadians,” said Colonel (ret’d) Don Ethel!. “It is very encouraging to see this generation celebrating and honouring our Canadian Peacekeepers.”

In addition to Sara, the judges acknowledged the work of Lillian Chalabi (North York, ON), Projoy Roy (Brampton, ON), Amelia Emerson (Kelowna, BC), Laurence Mainville (Quebec City, QC) and Cassandra Fong (Vancouver, BC). These intelligent and eloquent young Canadians were the six finalists for the essay contest. Their essays will also be published in the Celebrate a Peace of Canada booklet.

Peacekeepers’ Day on August 9th

This patriotic day helps acknowledge the Canadian men and women who have laboured to bring peace to communities affected by war. Peacekeepers’ Day was created to recognize the work of Canadians from the military, police, and diplomatic service that have served on peacekeeping missions around the world and their families.

For more information contact:
Paul Faucette, Manager
Canadian Landmine Foundation
416-365-9461 ex. 25 (W)
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