William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Some of our AIRBORNE brothers still stand tall.
They show the BADGE, and colours, for us all.
Some folks said we were disbanded in disgrace:
We BROTHERS stand tall without a shamed face.

Jump pay was thirty bucks a month per man.
It was raised to a hundred and twenty five.
I wear my maroon beret, whenever I can:
I will continue to do so whilst I’m still alive.

From 2 CDO to Canadian AB RHQ[1], posted, back in 1968,
Leaving AIRBORNE BROTHERS, to study Chinese.
Going to Carlton University it was then my fate.
Now I’m retired, with aching ankles and knees.

I retired on pension from the SSF back in nineteen sixty-eight.
Never looking back as I drove slowly out the Petawawa front Gate.
Got a job as jail guard and as a CSPD[2] Civilian Member back in 69:
I worked there for 23 years and the police pension is fine.

Icross Canada Inc. works with the cross country CAV[3].
Helped by many members, who are AIRBORNE Brothers
At the annual fundraisers that the CAV and we did.
The BROTHERS helped us give sight to blind African Kids.

Billy Willbond: The Brotherhood