William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The Resting Place of Dighton Vaughn Rousell
My buddy Dighton Vaughn Rousell is buried in Werl, West Germany. He is the big lad in this poem, “The Bouncer”
When he stood, he was over six feet tall
He blocked the entrance to the hall
Mussels rippled in his neck, he was quite a bruiser
On Saturday Nights he worked out, in the local boozer

Those causing trouble were thrown out
He always had the heavier clout
He joined the Army at twenty-three
And he served in Germany along with me

On leave in Amsterdam, he went out on a tear
He met another bouncer down in Rembrandt Square
He landed on the curb where he hit his head
Dighton Vaughn Roussell would soon be dead

Rossie died in a Dutch hospital bed
The Padre held a Service and the words were said
They buried him in Germany. He was my best friend
Killed by another Bouncer, that’s how he met his end!

Author’s Note: Big Mac (Jim) MacDonald, Ollie (Roy) Olafson, Dighton Vaughn, (Rossie) Roussell and I all lived in the same barrack block in Camp II Deilinghofen (Fort McLeod). We were all great pals. Rossie is buried in Werl, Westfalia in Germany. In the early 60’s those Canadians killed whilst serving on the NATO Mission with the British Army on the Rhine and those serving on Peacekeeping Missions were buried in country. That explains the huge Canadian Graveyards in the Middle East and in West Germany. The Government did not start to bring bodies home until the nightly TV news showed body bags being brought home every day by the Americans during the Vietnam War and Canadian Mother’s started to query and lobby the Canadian Government to start and bring their boys home. If I ever have an opportunity to travel to Europe and Germany I hope to visit Rossie’s grave.