William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I pick up the Times Colonist and what do I see?
The suicide bombers are still out on their spree!
The Danes caught a man who was planning to bomb
Eleven years behind bars will be his Danish swan song

Canada’s Mohammed Abu Sharife got four years under lock
For threatening to blow up a whole Canadian block
In Pakistan these bombers towards each other get rid
And in Kabul these mad bombers are blowing up little kids

Robert Arnold wrote the paper and here’s what he said
The LAV III is responsible for many Canadian dead?
The Liberals cancelled our choppers so we use LAV III cars:
That’s what’s killing our soldiers o’er in Kandahar?

These bomber guys do these things to their very own?
Imagine what they’ll do to our families in our Canadian homes
Mohammed threatened to blow up a whole block here in Surrey
Now he’s serving four years so he’s not in a big hurry

There’s terrorist bomb making bases o’er in Uruzgan
These are being neutralized by Aus Cdos fighting the Taliban
They lost three Commandos in the recent fracas and fray
Aus destroyed the bomb makers and that will help win the day!

Author’s Note: A terrible price is paid for these small victories. For some unknown reason Canadians do not like to mention “victories” and the small battles being won by our lads and our Aussie Comrades are glossed over it’s almost like it is not politically correct to kill the enemy. I wonder if that is the same reluctance that is keeping troops who can will protect the women and kids in Darfur from fulfilling Canada’s/UN promise to protect which will take weapons like our lads are using against the enemy in Afghanistan.

The enemy blows up kids and he is a terrorist who gets 72 virgins when he kills infidels and himself, but when our lads neutralize him in the field and win small battles – not too much is said in the media – look how small these articles are about the suicide bombers and those who fight against them, it seems, they receive little or similar to no credit for winning battles. They do get media coverage when the body bags come home though. Just one old soldier’s opinion for whatever that is worth?

This poem is a prequel to the poem, “Bombers and Small Newspaper Articles” ©Copyright November 25, 2007 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD, and prompted the response, “Just a Quick (Sarcastic) Response Mate” ©Copyright November 25, 2007 by Colin F. Jones