William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I went up to the hospital to visit my old friend E.R.
I stopped at Bolen’s book because it was not too far.
They had hundreds of magazines in their book store.
But Playboy Magazines, they’re not sold their anymore?
So I got Ernie a copy of the book by the Big Cod.
And we chatted about those olden days of JC and the Rod.
I got him a coffee, a Timmy’s Double Bubble.
He gave it to a nurse who said Ernie has sugar is trouble.
Ernie’s a diabetic who’s been fighting the disease.
With toes removed and other parts below the knees.
Ernie’s a man of great courage who has learned to walk.
He has had 15 amputations about each one we’d talk.
With canes and prosthetics, there’s no ifs ands or buts.
With new determination – this man shows he has got guts!
He said to say Hi to Don Ethell and all of his old friends out there.
He thanks you for your prayers and he appreciates that you care.
Ernie suffers in silence and he asks you not to feel too bad.
He is still of good cheer, is that old Black Pool Lad.

Author’s Note: A young Captain had a subscription to Playboy Magazine in 1958-59 in Calgary. I worked for him in the BOR. When he was finished reading the centre fold etc, he would let me read his copy, which as a young soldier I read cover to cover. I had it in the barracks and one of the lads, no names no pack drill but his initials are ERG, borrowed it and returned it by putting it under my pillow. During Friday Morning Inspection, the Platoon Sergeant Tom Eagle lifted up my pillow to reveal the PB Mag.

“Is this part of your kit Willbond?”

“No Sergeant, it belongs to Captain_________ (No names no pack drill). He loaned it to me to improve my reading skills.”

“We are duty Company. The CSM has been looking for pot wholloppers and potato peelers for the weekend. Cpl Sneddon, take his name.”

Tonight on my way to the hospital, I was attempting to get the Black Pool lad his very own copy but the book by SNIC, the Senior Newfie In Charge, will have to do. Ernie was VERY pleased, indeed... If the lads get a chance Ed, tell them he is in good cheer and would enjoy a visit.