William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(The Clock Is Ticking For Our Home)

It is absolutely marvellous to view our global homes lit up at night
with all the home fires burning, ever so clear and bright.
We are so small in the sphere of things in far off outer space
we wonder are there other beings, similar to the human race?

Atomic bombs are being made by madmen in Iran
fanatical religious maniacs could put an end to man?
Nuclear dust will poison the water and air we need
our doomsday clock is ticking – will humanity soon take heed?

The beauty of our little ball is marred by war and greed
if only we could broker peace and all the hungry – feed!
If we could treat the wounded and mend all those who bleed
and force our global governments to sit up and take heed!

Wars and conflicts continue upon this battered mortal coil
the price of gas is going up and armies still fights for oil
pollution, guns, and bullets, bio hazards and gas fumes
terrorists committing suicide spread the clouds of doom

Smell the beauty of spring lilacs – hear the laughter of a child
see the unspoiled mountain beauty scenes of our Canadian wild
is all of mankind going to be erased from our beloved Mother earth
Perhaps we all should make a meet – and discuss what life is worth

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