William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our American friends fight the terrorists o’er in Iraq
We here in Canada cannot even send ours back?
CHAR-COW-EE he came to Canada back in 1995
Seen leaving our court he gave the media a high five

Our lads fight those terrorists over in Afghanistan
Some wounded and killed by the terrorist Taliban
CSIS screwed up when they burned all their notes
The lawyers are now almost a bunch of turncoats?

The law uses any means to keep our terrorists free
The next infidel victims could well be, you and me
These Arabs get 72 virgins when they go to heaven
And we Canadians could end up just like 9-11.

Author’s Note: Inspired by the Times Colonist article of June 27, 2008, reproduced below


Adil Charkaoui
Adil Charkaoui
Photo from Google by Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press
MONTREAL — The Supreme Court of Canada ruled yesterday that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was wrong to destroy evidence against terror suspect Adil Charkaoui.

The court ruled that Canada’s spy agency violated Charkaoui’s charter rights by destroying the original records and recordings of interviews with him that formed the basis of the federal case against him.

CSIS alleges that Charkaoui is an al-Qaeda sleeper agent; Charkaoui has repeatedly denied that he is a terrorist.

“To uphold the right to procedural fairness of people in Charkaoui’s position, CSIS should be required to retain all the information in its possession,” wrote justices Louis LeBel and Morris Fish.

However, the unanimous decision does not quash the case against the Montreal father of three, who has been in and out of the courts for years fighting his deportation from Canada.

The court ruled that “a stay of proceedings is not an appropriate remedy in this case” and that it would be “premature at this stage” to determine how the destruction of the notes affects the reliability of the evidence.

Charkaoui arrived in Canada from Morocco in 1995.

— CanWest News Service