William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Has a New Book Written About His Family Exploits

I think politically correct Toronto Canadians have really gone too far
They wish to bring back Canadian murderous Terrorist Mr. Omar Khadr
From Toronto he left for military basic training o’er in Pakistan
And then he used his new skill to kill a US Medical Healer Man!

In Canada we coddle young offenders and we usually let them go
But for murderous war crimes overseas you all know it ain’t so!
His family abused our Medicare for their wounded from Afghanistan
When a young soldier joins the Army he is considered to be a man

This writer swore on bible and flag and he joined the Army as a teen
I made an oath to lay down my life for Canada, my Country and Queen
Omar swore to kill Infidels in his mosque upon the Holy Koran
When he attacked US soldiers he then became a terrorist fighting man

The African Child soldiers were stolen from their raped Mom
And were forced under threat to use panga and bomb
They were drugged by their captors and forced marched to the fray
Village Ministries and ICROSS CANADA are helping them today
For our Canadian NATO soldiers’ safety in Kandahar, please all of you pray!

When Omar joined the Islamic Jihad he used his free will
He joined the terrorist Army and he learned how to kill
He missed his seventy two virgins on that fateful murderous day
For his acts as a Canadian War Criminal Terrorist, Omar, he will have to pay!
So he sits and awaits his court martial results away down there in Guantanamo Bay

Author’s Note: The Article by Ian Mulgrew from Times Colonist (reproduced below) inspired the background information for this poem.

You can disagree with my opinions, however, ask any of our young lads fighting in the front line in Afghanistan what they think of Toronto’s Canadian Terrorists training in Pakistan and joining the Taliban – or being Military Trained and then going back to sleeper cells in Toronto. You might be surprised at the response.


Teenager’s entire family was committed to violence; always found haven here
IAN MULGREW CanWest News Service

by Michelle Shephard
John Wiley & Sons: $29.95
Canadians have good reason to be fed up with Toronto’s most ungrateful immigrants, the Khadr family. Forget the comedy of Little Mosque on the Prairie – these people established Jihad Central in the suburbs of Scarborough, Ont., and are milking this country for everything they can.

Who can forget Omar’s smug brother, Abdurahman, boasting in a CBC documentary of their close ties to Osama bin Laden? Or his mother saying she’d rather raise children in Pakistan than have them grow up drug-addicted or homosexual in Canada, as if those were the only options. Weeks later, in 2004, she was on a plane back to Ontario so her maimed 14-year-old son, Kareem, could get free medical care. These people grab every handout that comes their way while whining about our bad morals and corrupt lifestyle.

Toronto Star reporter Michelle Shephard is to be commended for documenting their story, in Guantanamo’s Child, and raising questions about son Omar’s treatment by the Americans that should trouble Canadians. The family matriarch, Maha Elsamnah, was 17 when she arrived in Canada from Saudi Arabia.

In 1977, she graduated from high school and met Ahmed Said Khadr, the 27-year-old son of an Egyptian who had come to Ottawa to study engineering. They married a few months later. He landed a job with Bell Northern Research but was already a radicalized Muslim who believed in sharia law and was outraged by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

In 1982, he moved the family to Bahrain, where he taught at what was then Gulf Polytechnic.

Although Bahrain is Muslim, it wasn’t Islamic enough for Khadr. Soon he was on his way to join the mujahedeen, sending his wife and children back to Toronto so he could travel to Pakistan alone. This marked the beginning of the family’s habit of using Canada as a safe haven while waging a global crusade on behalf of fundamentalist Islam.

After a second trip, Khadr declared he and the family would move to Peshawar, capital of Pakistan’s lawless North –West Frontier Province. They left Canada in January 1985, but Elsamnah returned to Toronto to deliver her fourth child — a third son, Ibrahim, who required open-heart surgery at the city’s Hospital for Sick Children.

The family returned to Pakistan but came back to Canada the following year so Ibrahim could have follow-up surgery and Elsamnah could deliver a fifth child, Omar.

By fall, they were back in the world of the mullahs. Yet when it became obvious their sick little boy couldn’t survive there, they sent him to Canada to live with his maternal grandparents. And in January 1988, with Ibrahim’s health failing, Elsamnah, too, returned. Shortly after her… arrival, Ibrahim died.
In 1992, her husband was injured, either in battle or by a landmine, and she took him to be treated at Toronto’s Sunny –brook Health Sciences Centre. His arm had to be amputated.

When he had recovered enough, he and his family returned to Peshawar in the fall of 1993.

Throughout Khadr’s descent into the maelstrom of Muslim extremism, he dragged along his family and indoctrinated his kids. They even accompanied him on the battlefield.

Omar was 15 when he was shot and captured in Afghanistan. He is accused of throwing a grenade during a skirmish on July 27, 2002, and killing a U. S. soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, 28. Omar has been in custody since then, mostly in the controversial U. S. compound at Guantanamo, in Cuba. He is the youngest person ever to be tried for war crimes.

There is little question that his plight stands in stark contrast to that of Africa’s murderous child mercenaries, who have our compassion. Yet he deserves a break because of his youth and because of the abuse his parents inflicted on him.

If there is fault to be found in Shephard’s approach in Guantanamo’s Child, it’s not that she attacks Ottawa for failing to go to bat for Omar. I think she’s right to say Canada has let him down.

She is, however, too soft on his mother and father, whose behaviour in rearing their children appears criminal.

This is a tragedy on many levels, and the toll is enormous: The father is dead; infant Ibrahim is dead; Abdullah is in a Toronto jail fighting extradition to the U.S., where he is indicted for terrorism; Omar is imprisoned at Guantanamo; Abdurahman has basically been branded a CIA stooge. Living in Scarborough are Maryam, the youngest child; her mother; her sister Zynab; and Kareem, crippled in the same firefight that killed his dad.

For these people, sadly, Canada is a passport of convenience, a bottomless resource, a haven. If you want to have your nose rubbed in it, read this book.