William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Monsieur MP Denee CoeDare, me tinks dat ee is bean unfare?
Wen our General he tells de trute about doze Liberales
Pour dix longe anns dey down size us, till we are almose finales
An now dey make de grate big fuss, doze Lib MP Federales!

So wen our General he tells to us, a story, like it ree lee was
And dey doan like dat, doze young t’gus, doze Libs an Quebecois
We need all deeze Ce Bonne soldat Van Doos, We need each fightin man
Pour aidez Les Canadiennes combat, dans Afghanistan!

Me, myself, I jus doan care, cause I yam frum Quebec!
And for deeze Lib politicos, I jus doan give a heck!
I yam maintenant tres appy wen I hear de Gen tell us dat de decade’s dark
He gets a rize outta doze guys, now dey are showin us some spark!

De CBC dey slam our Army Boss, cause you see dey are all Libranos
For praising words dey are at a loss, cause dey are full uv bull guano!
It makes me proud to say out loud: “Rick Hillyer’s he’s de best!”
He’s workin hard to help clean up, 10 years of Liberal Mess!

Author’s Note: With apologies to the (Real Liberal) Poets who receive Canadian Government Art. Grants and subsidies and who have been hushed up for years in order to keep receiving the cheques


Last Updated: Saturday, February 17, 2007 | 3:30 PM ET
CBC News

Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre accused Canada’s top soldier of being a “prop” for the Tories after Gen. Rick Hillier described the period of budget cuts to the military that began in 1994 as the “decade of darkness.”

“I’m offended today,” the Quebec MP said following the speech Hillier gave Friday to a defence group in Ottawa.

“We have a chief of defence staff who spoke about 10 years of darkness. I never thought that he would become a prop to the Conservative party.”

Although Hillier didn’t name the Liberals specifically, he spoke of the challenges the Canadian forces still face because of budget cuts that began in 1994, when the Liberals were in power.

“Over this past one to two years, we have begun to fully realize the immense, the negative impact of the… defence expenditure reductions from 1994 and the lasting most negative legacy that they brought into effect which has to be put right.”

Hillier said those cuts to resources, combined with the increase in operations conducted by the Canadian forces around the world, have led to a military that is “fragile,” with some parts “on a life support system.”

He said those actions have led to some “deep wounds in the department over this past, what I would call, a decade of darkness.”

But Coderre challenged Hillier’s assessment of the Liberal record. He said the Liberals under then prime minister Jean Chrétien faced a $48-billion annual deficit when they took office and had to act. But, he said, things turned around and Paul Martin’s short-lived government had been in the process of restoring the defence budget.

He described Hillier’s speech as “highly political” and “inappropriate.”

“To get involved in politics, there’s one way, you should run,” Coderre said.

When asked by reporters about Coderre’s comments, Hillier stood by his remarks. He said he is not a politician and it’s his job to paint a picture about the state of the armed forces, “like it or not.”

“I’m the Chief of Defence Staff. I describe things as accurately, as clearly, as bluntly as I possibly can.”