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Qari Mohammad Yousuf Ahmadi says he speaks for the Taliban
From the safety of his headquarters deep inside Pakistan
We will wage a renewed Jihad against the Canadian Force
And we will fight over the winter as the weather gets worse

Qari advises the Canadians to stop receiving casualties
By ceasing to guard re-construction in the local diocese
Brave Taliban fighters hide behind women and kids in this war
Deliberately enmeshing themselves says Zarif Khan of Spewan Ghar

This is good enemy propaganda – it’s not scaring our troops
We can switch into mukluks when snow covers our boots
We come from a land where the winter’s winds freeze
And we train for winter fighting in conditions like these!

Author’s Note: Winter Warfare Training ~ 1964: The following photographs were taken with the little box brownie camera that my Mom gave me for Christmas in 1958. I used it in Europe and when I was in the AIRBORNE REGIMENT and unfortunately all of my photos are in B&W – it’s a long way from videos, CDs and cell phones that take pictures and make movies

Rfn Cyril Barnes
Rfn Cyril Barnes - Life Long Friend
Cpl Billy Willbond and RiflemanBill Mason, frying eggs on a shovel
Cpl Billy Willbond and Rfn Bill Mason, frying eggs on a shovel

Cpl Billy Willbond
Cpl Billy Willbond
My Boss - Sgt Don Ethell
My Boss - Sgt Don Ethell

Taliban Targets Canadians

Spokesman blames troops for killing innocent civilians

By Lee Greenberg and Noor Khan
Can West News Service

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A Taliban spokesman is pledging to wage a renewed jihad against Canadian troops throughout the winter, saying that by killing innocent Afghan civilians, Canadian forces have broken their promise to redevelop the country.

“We will pursue our fighting in winter,” Qari Mohammad Yousuf Ahmadi said in a telephone interview yesterday; shooting down suggestions of a lull in fighting over the winter, when insurgents traditionally hunker down in mountain hideaways. “We will change our tactics according to the situation.”

He said if Canadian troops want to avoid casualties “the best way is to stop their operations.”

Lt.-Gen. David Richards, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, has accused the Taliban of deliberately enmeshing themselves in civilian populations to exacerbate casualties. He calls the tactic a “cynical” attempt to diminish coalition support.

But one tribal elder in a hard-hit southern village said his people had little choice but to acquiesce to Taliban demands.

“NATO is telling us not to give shelter to Taliban,” said Zarif Khan, a tribal elder in Sperwan Ghar.

“This is not our duty. The government and NATO have to stop Taliban. We don’t sachave weapons to stop armed people. If they ask us for shelter, we don’t have any options.”

Meanwhile, Canada is in negotiations with the U.S. military to purchase a new radio system capable of significantly reducing friendly fire incidents by detailing the exact location of each unit on the battlefield.

Tens of millions of dollars will be spent on buying the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System, or EPLRS, which allow users to mark their locations, as well as those of enemy forces on an electronic network.

In September, a U.S. A-10 aircraft mistakenly opened fire on Canadian troops in Afghanistan killing one and injuring more than 30.