William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


In Griesbach Barracks we doubled everywhere
From point A to point B and from here to there
That was our custom and the AIRBORNE way
We doubled everywhere each and every day

From the gym we did the three-miler in full combat gear
We did that every morning throughout the whole year
Completed unarmed combat for about half an hour
I changed into a clean uniform after taking a shower

To mark my ops maps I doubled up to the AB HQ
To make up stick lists and do other jobs too
In came a young Captain and told me I did stink
He ordered me to go change – what was I to think

So I doubled on home to my Greisbach Senior NCOs PMQ
Again I showered and changed; what else could I do?
Then I doubled on back, on that mile and a half run
Arriving all sweated up and that was the HQ pun

Again I marked maps whilst my sweat seeped on through
Once again I did stink and that was the catch twenty-two
I am an Irish red head and I spoke to our Regimental MO
He said it’s road run natural to sweat and to have fresh BO!

Author’s Note: The young Admin HQ Captain might have driven his car to the HQ Bldg and that is why he did not sweat or stink? (chuckle)!