William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The luck of the draw sealed a fighter’s sad fate
As a Canadian came home in an aluminum crate
Civvies ponder and the media keep asking why?
Why are these young warriors so prepared to die?

RTP are the tasks that our soldiers must do
They joined to protect both me and you
Protecting us all across this great land
They’ve taken a stand o’er in Afghanistan!

Responsibility To Protect is a Canadian Plan
That the UN uses now in each foreign land
We hold it to be true as we defend each case
In support of freedoms for the whole human race

As our troops carry out the heavy duty RTP[•]
Some give up their lives to keep others free
See the TO municipal vehicle yellow ribbons fly
Then, remember the wives and the Mother’s who cry!

Care for our wounded! – Pay compensations to them!
For these are bravest of Canadian fighting men
Make sure they get pensions, as so they all should
As set forth in the Charter by Major Henwood!

Support, Support, Support our brave guys
Forget the opposition and their vote getting lies
Think of volunteers walking o’er there in harm’s way
For Canadian values and for peace, let us pray!

When their time is all up and their jobs are all done
Let’s honour our soldiers as homeward they come
Support our brave troops, bless them all, just not some
For our glorious dead, beat the slow march of the drum!