William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ear phones sound the pound of jazz band drums
There’s the passing by of curved young bums
The old poet writes silently in his journal book
There’s a yearn, an urge, then a lust filled look

Sucking in that gut one tries to breathe
Smile on face whilst trying to deceive
Lust filled thoughts are so human, as you well know
The old poet sits intently observing the passing show

Then news reports another member of the PPCLI
In a far away field another young man had to die
We both feel that pain because he’s a fallen brother
When we write these blogs to one another

Getting old, the thin hair is now white
Yet both of us would probably join in the fight
If we were once again a young tough eighteen
And we were over there patrolling the Afghan scene

Instead we hear the horrible daily news
We write inspired by an elderly muse
In the mind’s eye we again hump rifle and pack
And we would join our brothers in the attack

Because ours was but to do or die
And ours was not to reason why
It’s the same for the lads in Afghanistan
As they take the fight to the Taliban

Inspired by the blog “Suck It Up” ©Copyright August 12, 2008 by John-Ward Leighton