William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


My buddy Norm hails from the Peg[1] and he’s with the KVA[2]
and CAVUNP[3] and QOR[4], he parades each veterans day
The meatheads[5] with their red berets are standing in the rear
The Maroon Tams[6] are on the right those guys who show no fear

Scattered here and scattered there are our own Blue Berets
They brag about their missions and of peacekeeping days.
These soldier vets are on parade; is it for veteran’s plates?
Or is it opening of the cairn? Or the 11th of November date?

The grass is green within this scene, so it must still be summer
our buddies they are getting old, all grey haired, that’s a bummer
So thank you Norm, you weathered storms, you overcame each hassle
I’m proud to say you are my friend, Stormin’ Norm Van Tassal!

Remembrance Day - November 11, 2004
Canadian Korean Veterans: Remembrance Day - November 11, 2004