William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A Third World gift of joy for each wee girl and boy
Are stored in some rented Saanichton lockers.
Items are knitted by Canadians from coast to coast
Whilst sitting in their hard maple rockers.

We had Boomer caps stored at the back at the wall
Covered and buried by each bagged Izzy doll.
Buddy John came to visit and answered the call;
He helped move the Boomers to front of our 2nd stall.

Dolls and Boomers go out to the entire global village;
To the children of war whose homes have been pillaged.
So thank you John Leighton for what you have done.
The Boomer(s) save lives and the Izzy(s) bring fun.

Storing JoyStoring Joy

Storing Joy

Storing Joy

Author’s Note: Photos by John Ward Leighton who moved the heavy school books and the boxes of Boomers to the front of our 1st locker. John is a long time supporter of ICROSS CANADA and an award winning Canadian Poet who is a professional photographer. He was in Victoria for the QOR of C Regimental Dinner. He was chain gang captured by this writer and put to work by his long time old army buddy – both are ex QOR OF C AND ex – PPCLI – ex paratroopers. What can I say?