William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


When rodents depart a sinking ship
The vessel beneath the waves it soon will slip.
El Quida survivors and those hated Taliban
Will all move in from neighbouring Pakistan.

The grow op will increase and the druggie trade
Will see billions of dollars in drugs being made.
President Karzai will move to his palace over in France
After the making of firewood from our olive branch.

Corruption will flourish and women will wear the veil:
Murderers will be released from each Afghan Jail.
Our training of troops and the small arms weapons we gave
Will send thousands and thousands to an early grave?

Through it all when the mother ship is an Afghanistan wreck,
Karzai will continue to cash each Canadian pledged cheque.
When NATO pulls a punchie-pilot leaving no boots on the land
There well might be mass slaughter throughout Afghanistan?

Author’s Note: Canada has committed to spend $110 million (at least) for three years (at least) to fund the corrupt Afghan security forces after NATO troops withdraw in 2014… How can that possibly be money well spent?