William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A Regiment to carry out Special Ops
Canada’s brand new Global Cops!
No more “AIRBORNE AIRBORNE who are we?
Now it’s tan berets for all to see!

Like us, from choppers, they will rappel
Training to send the enemy to hell!
The kaki berets doing HALO drops
Canada’s brand new Global Cops!

Large Recce Platoons, trained snipers all
Will answer the specialist soldier’s call
Taliban, Hezbollah and El Qaeda they’ll stifle
Filling the cross hairs on each sniper rifle!

Real Ops Field Training for each young man
Will be carried out in the field, in Afghanistan
Where raids are carried out hand to hand
By Taliban Terrorists who roam that land

I wish them well these fine young men
And I hope they all come home safe again
As they go out to join the fight for right
With stealth and death they’ll roam the night!

No more “AIRBORNE AIRBORNE who are we?
Best dammed troops in the former Infantry!
Replaced it seems now by the new special ops
Whose training includes our AIRBORNE drops!