William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Friday Morning – 13 June 2008

A Tale of Jack Lucas and Omar Khadr

Jack Lucas joined the Marines when he was fourteen:
He won the medal of honour whilst still in his teens
Omar Khadr, a Canadian Young Offender under the Act
Went to Afghanistan for training and to join in the attack

This is a tale of Jack Lucas and Omar Khadr
Both of them joined up and they went off to war
Lucas killed Japanese soldiers and he jumped on a grenade
Khadr threw a grenade at a US medic and sent him to his grave

One wanted to save buddies from a sure death
The other wanted 72 virgins with his last breath
Lucas, was decorated as a hero by President Truman
Due to the long incarceration is Khadr’s treatment inhuman?

Jack Lucas has just passed away from leukemia they report
Guantanamo detainees, they now have a legal right to Court
There is an urgent call now for Ottawa lawyers to seek quick repatriation?
Please bring back Canada’s prodigal son to the loving arms of his Nation?

Afghan Graft? (In Paris There’s A Draft)

In reply to UN allegations that high level Afghan Officials are corrupt
Minister David Emerson gave a statement that was clear and abrupt
Canadians paid a stiff price in tax dollars and spilled blood on the ground
They’ll lose faith in the Afghanistan Mission if corruption evidence is found?
If proven the UN allegations that high government members are corrupt
If the Afghan ruling officials are lining their pockets by filling them up?
That will become election meat for the opposition’s Bar-Be-Que
They’ll say that they want to save tax dollars for both me and you?

No Attempt to Infiltrate Government?

Bernie Cotay dated Juicy Cooleeyard so he should say an act of contrition
Because those hot dates got him fired from his lofty Government position
Prior to Maxie Barnyard taking over that huge hefty chesty mission
The lost classified papers got him fired – it’s like a line of attrition?