William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Near the Sennelager Tent Lines 1961

Thousands of men were buried very near to our tent lines
a place of shame where in 45, the SS committed crimes
torturing Russian Prisoners – they starved them till they died
They got caught red-handed with, too many bodies to hide
They exterminated millions, in the Belsen and the Dachau Camp
In Dachau they pushed body carts down the fire pit ramp
A country club picture, I carried, in my QOR[•] large pack
a squeaky clean brick building with a very huge smoke stack
Many years have come and passed since these people they were gassed
The showers were the gas chambers and were part of Adolph’s Plan
women and small children cried-they screamed and screamed until they died
This was the final solution; ‘twas man’s inhumanity to man!!


Nazi Death Camps
“New Crematorium” at Dachau: looks more like a country club than…

Nazi Death Camps
The marker stone for 50,000 Russian Prisoners of War

Nazi Death Camps
Belsen Concentration Camp Marker