William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Are there no peacekeepers?
Are there no men?
Our PM’s exhausted resources again
even if we had ‘em
who fly us o’er there?
We’ve no transport planes
to fly through the air
Darfur is a pipe dream
which just won’t come true
politicians are fibbing
to both me and you
so Claire let’s be fair
and not hope too much
the PMO issues untruths
lying statements and such
keeping all us sheep, content in the fold
‘T would be too scary if the real truth were told
another Rwanda, he sure doesn’t need
not too much oil there, no need for greed
seeing killing by people, all who aren’t white
might be a good reason to avoid any fight
we’re a peacekeeping nation – let’s not attack!
No need to take chances when the victims are black
It’s shades of Rwanda, genocide once again
we still have no transport, no weapons, nor men!