William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(History Repeats Itself In Pictures)

Nixon and Dithers
Those who forget the past are destined to relive it!
“Let me be perfectly clear – I’m not a crook!”
Richard Milhous Nixon
The Military ad ‘twas a huge evil doer
as told by the CPAC TV interviewer
Invented great lies grew in number and size
Liberal truths became fewer, and newer?

An old Army Buddy he has sent to me
a picture of modern history
‘Twas Trickie Dickie of the USA
and PM Dither, both on display!

Dickie said: oh I am not a crook
I run this Country by the book
Like adscams it was all the debate
after Gomery and the Watergate!

Pierre Trudeau, he was making dough
by selling our wheat to China
This made old Trickie Dickie quite mad
but pleased the Wheat Board in Regina!

Dickie rushed off to meet old Chairman Mao
using smiles and with Ping Pong diplomacy
The coca cola handshake it ‘twas how
World trading went back to normalcy!

Frank Crowe: Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR)
Retired soldier Frank Crowe, 69, waves to passing motorists in Peterborough, Ont., on Wednesday. Crowe was protesting a Liberal television ad suggesting the Conservatives would put armed soldiers on Canadian city streets.
Clifford Skarstedt/Canadian Press

Above picture from Times Colonist Thursday 12 Jan 2006 is of Retired AIRBORNE Soldier Frank Crowe formerly of the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) in London Ontario – on the campaign trail re the anti-military liberal ad on the internet and on TV in Quebec.