William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Politicians, they can help us out when we send medicines overseas
They have clout and there is no doubt they do help us fight disease
When they are all a’ speech making a-speaking on the floor
They talk about our soldiers who are fighting the Afghan war

We could have bought the SA[1] steel bottomed APCs[2]
They ran over 500-pound bombs with safety and with ease
Instead we bought the damnable Illtus – that thin skinned LAV[3] car
That’s killing all our soldiers o’er in the hills of Kandahar

Hindsight is a thing that all of us poets and old generals have
Now that we see the damage that has been done by the LAV
Perhaps it is time again to look at the South African APCs
Could these save the lives of our troops who are fighting overseas?

Author’s Note: During their fight for freedom the South African freedom fighters placed buried 500-pound bombs on the roadways for the SA Police and Army to run over. Very few men died in the thick skinned and thick-bottomed South African APCs