William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


In the 1950’s we got free smokes in the winter training rat packs[1]
Back in the days when we carried a gun in the rack
Hershey Bars and Rigleys Spearmint Stick and Chicklet Gum
We all were hooked on these things for the many years to come

Pall Mall, Camels and Marlborough smokes
We were Nicotine hooked, and it was no bloody joke
With Vogue tobacco we would roll our own
When from pulling toboggans we’d come back home

Then it was Players Plain and MacDonald’s’ Export A
In the men’s wet Canteen with BAF[2] and Marks[3] we would pay
We got cigarette ration cards for cartons of nicotine death
BX[4] priced at 10 cents a pack to steal your lung’s breath!

Many years later my children went to Saanichton School
They brought home a message: If you smoke, you’re a fool!
We were hooked on smokes because we thought it was cool
Since quitting I ask all please: “do not smoke” – it is our house rule!

No yellow fingers, no burns on the shirt, also no stinky ashtrays
Avoiding Heart and Lung Diseases – let me count the ways
It’s been 30 years since the day the nicotine I quit
But my head still does a twist when a Marlborough is lit