William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


US soldier MPs tortured prisoners, over there in Iraq
Trussed them up naked, brutalized, then piled them in a stack
Dogs were used to frighten, and then ordered to attack
They took trophy photographs, which hauntingly carne back

As I read my morning paper, outside it starts to rain
I sit here in my housecoat and I feel a cloud of shame
For all the front line soldiers who fought Saddam Hussein
They went to free Iraqis, did their buddies die in vain’?

No weapons of mass destruction found, was it just a quest for oil?
They came to free Iraqis or was it really for the spoils?
The gas pump prices are going up now that the election is near
The beating of helpless prisoners might bring a change this year’?

Does the land of the strong, and home of the free,
Have a hidden agenda? That bothers me!
It’s because of a few who brought them shame
That tarnished the Eagle’s hard won good name!

Abu Ghraib Prison Torture
Iraqi detainee being threatened with dogs: 2004