William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Sergeant Major “Daddy” Whelan
Was good to all us men
He looked after us in Germany
As did Pl Sergeant, Gerry Venn

We came back to Canada in 1963
then Daddy he went to CFR.
Sure, it was meant to be!
Soon we’d both leave the QOR of C

Good NCOs and Warrants,
they look after all their men
Using proven leadership
Not drivership like, Ken

The lads it seems we all agree;
they all think just like me.
Daddy was a great old CSM
In the QOR of C

Billy Willbond: Sergeant Major “Daddy” Whelan
Tall man centre ~ Bob Bluett (deceased): Middle ~ Daddy Whelan: Right ~ Mick O’Brian (deceased) in front of Billy Willbond drying the sleeping gear in Putlos, the coldest place on earth. Photograph ©Copyright 1964 by Billy Willbond