William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Oh that’s a tangled web they weave
as they continue to deceive.
The yawner he is right on track
and guess what? Teflon Bob is back!

They put their man into the seat
to make sure soldiers are discrete;
and no one will the whistle blow
on the Dither’s MND[2] pipe dream show!

Andre Marin is he right?
Will the new guy stand and fight
against the JAG and MND?
Will soldiers’ rights still be scot-free?

“I doubt it.” said the old ombudsman
and sadly shook his head.
The new guy – he was hand picked
to toe the line instead

Freedom of speech where art thou?
Ombudsman’s feeding at the new cash cow
that is set place by the MND
to keep the troops in line, you’ll see!

Times Colonist Wednesday June 22, 2005


Can West News Service

OTTAWA – Former military ombudsman Andre Marin says the involvement of the Defence Department’s legal branch’ in selecting his successor is a clear conflict of interest since that organization led the charge to undercut the powers of the civilian watchdog agency.

Documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen show the Judge Advocate General’s office and the Defence Department’s legal adviser discussed the questions posed to candidates for the ombudsman’s job. In addition, a reworked description of the ombudsman’s position eliminates some of the independent office’s duties.

A spokesman for Defence Minister Bill Graham said the ombudsman’s office is not changing its role and the involvement of the military’s legal service in questions for job candidates was in no way an attempt to influence the process. In the Commons, Graham has noted the process was open and above board.