William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canadian Supporters formed up on Parliament Hill
To show to the world Canada’s Collective free will
The speaker(s) soldier’s wives and our own CDS
And the PM too, I must confess, I digress

In the paper this morning almost nothing was said
About Parliament Hill and the sea of bright red?
Of course you remember that here in B.C.
Lies a hotbed of lefties, Taliban Jack’s N.D.P.s

And our Librano Newspapers they didn’t say much?
Not wanting PCs named or to make a big fuss
But our troops, serving o’er there in Afghanistan
Now know that this Country has taken a stand!

Thank you fellow Canadians for all being there
For the red maple leaf support and for showing you care
Thank you Canadians for taking a firm stand
In support of our brave men and women o’er in Afghanistan!

Author’s Note: Blessings on all of our Armed Forces Personnel who serve in the far corners of our battered and bleeding wee planet! May all of you come home safe!


House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada September 22, 2002
House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada
September 22, 2006
OTTAWA — A red wave of people — supporters of Canadian troops — swarmed across Parliament Hill yesterday at a rally where Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged more support for the military.

“Let me tell you that this government is committed to rebuilding the Armed Forces of Canada,” Harper said. And we are overwhelmed with the support that we are getting to do that.”

The Red Friday’s movement — launched in April by two partners of soldiers stationed at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, near Ottawa — has gained momentum in recent weeks.

The House of Commons Speaker’s office even ruled this week that Commons employees — who usually follow strict dress codes — would be permitted to show support for the troops by wearing red ribbons on Fridays.

And if co-founders Karen Boire and Lisa Miller get their way, all Canadians will be taking part soon.

“I’d love to hear that they’re doing (Red Fridays) in every province,” Boire said following the rally.

Miller added: “Red Fridays are ways for Canadians to show support and pride for our military.”

The pair recently compiled a scrapbook of Red Friday’s photos for troops in Afghanistan. — Can West News Service