William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


On ninth of August they had signs at our PK Parade
antiwar demonstrations in Victoria were made
Jack Layton wants withdrawal from Afghanistan
he wants to negotiate with the enemy, the scumbag Taliban

Canada’s troops are now fighting to keep Afghanistan free
They are being back stabbed at home by the NDP
They want to get us out of NORAD, do away with our Queen;
Their antiwar resolutions say: “Withdraw from the scene!”

Aide and comfort to the enemy who are smiling with glee
as they receive home front support from our own NDP
They are using the death of our soldiers for political clout
And that has caused this Nation to stand up and shout!

As Canadians fight scumbags they are stabbed in the back
By a bunch of ex commies and their leader white flag Jack
Jack wants Canadians to give up, cut and run, admit defeat
Stop support for our friends in NATO – turn tail and retreat?

Author’s Note: Let’s stand up and support our PM, Stephen Harper. Let’s support the troops at the front! Let Canadians honour their dead. The Canadian Profession of Arms is a voluntary thing. It is a risky and dangerous business but is chosen personally by individuals who swear on the bible and flag to serve and perhaps to give up their lives, and many have, in the Service of Peace and Protection.

Putting our tails between our legs raising a white flag is an NDP headline-getter but it is having a negative effect on their convention.

Let’s pray that our troops are successful and they come home safe.