William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Langford Elementary School – November 2007)

Perhaps I’ll talk today about a world seeking peace?
Or about EOKA terrorists who came from Greece?
To fight on Cyprus against the Moslem Turk
Perhaps I’ll explain what’s a COMMANDO’S AIRBORNE dirk?
Then perhaps I’ll talk about ICROSS CANADA, and its charity work?
Or I’ll talk about those Canadian women and men
Those volunteers who died serving Canada with the UN?
Canadians served on Cyprus for over thirty years
We lost 30 dead in a river of tears
Lost over 120 on missions worldwide
Many parents wives and children cried
We’ve lost 66 Canadians o’er in Kandahar
At least that’s what they say that we’ve lost so far?
How many others have lost their legs and arms?
And how many with PTSD suffer from mental harm?
On November the 11th on Remembrance Day
Let’s remember those serving so far, far away
As we remember our Korean War and WW2 dead
Let us pray for world peace when the Cenotaph prayers are read!

The poem was prompted by “What Do I Say?” – ©Copyright October 29, 2007 by Les Peate