William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(The Murder of Ken Bigley)

Mr. Ken Bigley
Mr. Ken Bigley who was beheaded by his
captors in Iraq October 8, 2004
They Tortured Ken Bigley – he was almost dead
then they took a knife and they cut off his head
They filmed a video for Abu Dhabi
who refused to show this suffering man die

They made this poor Irishman beg for his life
they didn’t care shite for his Mother or his wife
These Arabs are murderers, insane, barbaric and cruel
sneaky cowards and kidnappers Tis only by terror they rule

The time has come to take up the gun
make the Allied American joint push
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
from the allies, Tony Blair and George Bush!

Through satanic verses children learn to hate
and are sent out with bombs to self detonate
The senders themselves, against soldiers won’t fight;
these sneaky cowards just skulk through the night

They wear ski masks when seen on TV
There is a big reward on each head
so they torture and murder unarmed civilians
and make sure the witnesses are dead

Do folks who live in the Middle East
really want leaders like these?
In civilized society they are criminals
to humanity they are just slime and sleaze

As a Christian I long to turn the other cheek
but the earth isn’t inherited by the meek
I pray for these sadists who torture the weak
as they go towards hell, their future looks bleak!

God rest the soul of Kenneth Bigley
Please let him rest in peace
An Engineer; he tried to help rebuild
the infrastructure of the Middle East!

Ken Bigley’s life was not in vain
Though tortured by the criminally insane:
His legacy to you and me
Is to see all Iraqis soon set free!

Author’s Note:

A Short Prayer

God bless all Engineers, and other like-minded professionals who Daily work to rebuild the water, hydro electricity, and sanitary facilities in Iraq and across the Middle East and in Afghanistan.

The Irish Times
News Digest
Saturday October 9, 2004

Revulsion and Dismay at brutal Murder of Bigley

There has been widespread dismay and revulsion at the murder in Iraq of the British hostage, Mr. Kenneth Bigley, who was issued with an Irish passport earlier this week in a desperate effort to save his life.