William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Sneaky vandals decrying the Afghan fight
Defacing stone monuments in the night
Like the vile cowards that they are
Spray painting under moon and star

Canadians are remembered in this place
They gave their lives for the human race
Our Colonel Gardam and Paul Greensides
Explain the truth – they don’t deride –

An Anarchy sign – untrue words that vent
Get free front page press for this event
On Canada’s National Monuments they did once urinate
Causing a Canadian Veterans harsh backlash debate

They pissed upon the un-known soldier’s stone
And for these acts they said they would atone?
And now their ilk they sneak back again
Causing survivor wives and parents pain!

Soldiers died for their right to free speech
The law won’t do much – they seem out of reach:
Young offenders they get only a slap on the wrist
When they deserve a boxing lesson from a soldier’s fist!


CanWest News Service
Saturday, April 05, 2008

Anti-war graffiti
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath for Ottawa Citizen: Anti-war graffiti spray-painted on Ottawa’s peace-keeping monument memorial
OTTAWA – The curator of Ottawa’s peacekeeping monument, defaced with anti-war graffiti this week, says the vandals chose altogether the wrong target.

Sometime Thursday or Friday, the eastern stone wall of the monument facing Sussex Drive was spray painted with messages apparently objecting to Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. As of yesterday, the graffiti on the wall still read “Afghan civilians dead,” “oppression anywhere resistance everywhere,” and included an anarchy symbol.

The monument, however, predates Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan.

“It’s a monument to the very act of carrying out Canada’s foreign policy by the military, and going wherever we’re sent to hopefully convince the warring factions to stop fighting and start talking,” curator John Gardam said.

“If only these people could be educated as to what the monument really means, then maybe they would show a little more respect.”

Gardam said there has only been one other incident of graffiti at the monument since it was completed in 1992.

It was intended to honour the more than 110, 000 Canadian peacekeepers who served in conflict zones since 1948, according to the National Capital Commission’s website.

It features three peacekeepers who “stand on two sharp, knifelike edges of stone, cutting through the rubble and debris of war and converging at a high point, which symbolizes the resolution of conflict” the website says.

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