William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Could Save Your Life)

I am Warrant Officer First Class Rowbotham and I am your Depot RSM. You will affectionately call me “Sir” at all times when I talk to you. What will you call me Rifleman Willbond?

Sir, Sir.

What is the main job of every soldier Rifleman Willbond?

Kill the enemy Sir!

What do you immediately do when you come under fire Rifleman Willbond?

DDRCORFKTE (dash, dive, roll, crawl, observe, return fire, kill the enemy) Sir.

Rifleman Willbond what is the aim of all Drill that we do in the Army?

The aim of all drill is to instil in the individual soldier that sense of Instinctive obedience that will enable him to carry out his duties and responsibilities without question whilst under severe duress and whilst advancing to kill the enemy, Sir.

How did our Rifle Regiment obtain their battle honours? And are they on display?

Battle Honours were obtained by Killing the Enemy Sir and we display our Battle Honours on our Regimental Drums, Sir.

Author’s Note: Rusty taught Regimental History to us new recruits in the QOR of C DEPOT. This QOR Depot training was carried out between November 1958 and April 1959.

Sam’s Sloppy Sniper Section
Sam’s Sloppy Sniper Section: Back Row: Bev Cole, Bill Nasby, Doug Morgan and RSM “Rusty” Rowbotham. Front Row: Rocky Prentice and Sam Urquhart
RSM (WO1) Rusty Rowbotham spoke Chinese and he and I had some great Mess Conversations in the PPCLI Sgt’s Mess where he was a retired guest and I was a young Senior NCO home to Victoria on leave. Rusty was an old soldier and he had served in WW2 and in the Korean War in 1951 – 1952 with the Patricia’s. He was with the Queen’s Own when he was Depot RSM in Calgary in the late 50’s. I found a picture of Rusty in Sam’s Sloppy Sniper Section book (Attached). They are both now gone to that big parade square in the sky.

Sam ran the sniper section in Korea and he worked in the FP section in Vancouver and I mailed fps to him when I was with CSPD, I never met him but we spoke on the phone about a mutual friend Rocky Prentice. SSgt Rocky Prentice was Chief Clerk at Brigade. He and Chester Hendrick, who was wounded at Ortona, talked me into re-engaging in Germany In the fall of 1961. Rocky and Staff Sergeant Hendrick are both now gone too – I am losing the heroes of my youth.

RIP Rusty – RIP Sam – RIP Rocky – RIP – Chester