William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(3rd – 5th June 2005)

Bobby Saxon, Willy Wilson, Bob Aucoin an all the guys
Will stir up lots of memories of soldier days gone by
We’ll see ‘em at the meet, and greet me and Johnnie Leighton
There’ll be talk about the Depot and Major D.M. Creighton

Do you remember Rusty and our QMSI Scottie Boyd?
And of course there is the Rod, and all the inside boys
There’ll be talk of guys not with us, those who passed away
Like the rodent Donnie Randle – a mean taps he could play

Do you recall toe caps Dobson who now lives on the Island?
And KVA guys who walked the walk, like my buddy, Davey Chalk
We’ll meet again in Calgary, Canada’s Big Sky Land
We’ll hear again the stories of the QOR of C band

We’ll see Charlie Belzile, Lew MacKenzie, and Don Ethell
And the guys of Airborne fame, like our own Bob Bethell
Lee Drover, Dick Cowling, John Carson and I
Oft through the air on a T-10’s we would fly!

We’ll hear about them all at the Queen’s Own Ball
Like the tales of old “Zump”, Joe Zumprelle
He was a CQ and one of the few
Who like Billy, he had a beer belly

There’ll be Norman Van T and you and me
We’ll all visit the cow town reunion
It’s coming up quick – on the third of June
So please make your reservations soon!