William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

George Baines WillbondRIFLEMEN

Great Grandpa was a Rifleman and Grandpa was one too!
The 60th Rifles known as the Buffs in India and China, many they slew!
Regiments went from Kabul to Kandahar, unlike my little Bro Bob who flew.
The Veterans Association death notice said they quelled the mutiny crew!

And I joined up at seventeen to see the world and serve my Queen
In The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, the Depot made me a Rifleman
Just like my Grandpa in the Royal Irish Rifles serving in far off lands
The QOR of C still serves Canada and Riflemen are back in Afghanistan!

My brother Bob he served there too – a dangerous job, on the inspection crew!
It went full circle: it’s déjà vu– Kabul to Kandahar on the ribbon too.
The death notice about my Great Grandpa – see the ribbon between the medals.

It reads “Kabul to Kandahar” – the Willbonds have come full circle.

Bobby in Afghanistan on inspection tourBobby Willbond in Afghanistan

Author’s Note: These two photographs are of my little brother Bobby in Kandahar, Afghanistan inspecting bridges and wells