William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A tall red headed soldier, Jim was over six foot eight
He drank way too much booze and he often was late
He bought a small sports car, a brand new TR3
Big Mack was a Rifleman in the QOR of C

He worked at the BOR as our Unit Ration Clerk
He often came in late and he did little work
He drank in the wets with Rosie, Newf Barnes and me
And we partied for three years o’er in old Germany

After release from the Army, we all sort of lost track
I heard he worked as a bouncer when we got back?
With no Army buddies to keep a watch on his back
I fear bad things have happened to my old buddy Big Mack?

The reason that I say that is because there was no trace?
When I worked at the cop shop I tried for a make
It came up a blank nothing – no DL would show
And the vehicles checks reported he was no R.O.

He could have moved back to Europe or to the US
He had no CNI listed so I got no address
It seems like he went missing off the face of the earth?
I sure hope that I am wrong for whatever that’s worth!