William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Leo McGrath taught us boxing
He was a great little guy;
A little rough and really tough
He hailed from P.E.I.[1]

Rod McLeod would holler loud
As he strove for despotism
Johnnie Schram could mimic him
With wonderful witticism!

Rifleman Mucker Steele got no appeal
As he went up to the Soest DB[2]:
a year in a cell, it was pure hell
Then the meatheads set him free

Scottie Boyd our BHQ[3] QMSI[4]
Had Irish sweep tickets for us to buy
Bill Carleton was my old CSM[5].
And he was good to all us men

Harry Groom and Sonny Grant
Took my rifle breech block
When I was on a drinking rant
Sergeants l’action ‘twas tres puissant[6]

The 3rd of June is approaching soon
By POMC[7] John Leighton and me
To cow town we will venture
We’ll meet old guys all swapping lies
‘Twill be a grande adventure!