William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ammo boots[1] and black puttees[2]
The new woollen BD[3]
Deuce Horn belt buckle
Were issued to me

Tee Dubs[4] for summer
So hard to keep clean
Black tie and spiffy[5]
Completed the scene

Spit shine on the uppers
The rifle would gleam
A light coat of oil
Dust free, so it seemed

A correct tilt on the green beret
A clean 303[6] was on daily display
After CO’s[7] inspection we were all set free
We worked Saturday Mornings o’er in Germany

Inspection at Brigade for the change of the guard
For stick man[8] selection each man tried real hard
It was a great honour to be chosen, I think
Best man on parade was my old buddy Chink[9]

T shirt and jeans on the old Molly Bar[10] scene
Shirt and tie mufti[11] in a Jacket of green
Bush pants and bush jackets whilst out in the field
Against Eastern Block Commies we never would yield!