William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A hero is a friend who stands by one’s side
When the going gets rough he does not step aside
He advances to the wire when one’s under fire
And, as often as not, he’s the guy who expires!

He ran to the APC but what else could he do?
The ammo was burning and his buddy was too
He jumped in to save him and both of them died
Heroes blown to pieces they came home side by side!

The hockey player who scores
and the young man who drives the fast car
The rock and roll singer
The good looking movie star

These are not really heroes – although popular men that they are
They are not like our brave soldiers who patrol Kandahar
Our heroes protect women and build each road and each school
And some of them die in support of the golden rule!

No greater love has any man, then to give up his life for a friend!
The Golden Rule: Love your neighbour as yourself!

This is response prompted by the poem, “He’s A Hero” – ©Copyright August 2007 by Les Peate