William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our Soldier’s fight for human rights o’er in Afghanistan
Supported by our Government where Harper he’s the man!
Raeside drew an obscene Times Colonist Cartoon
Trying to make our P.M. look like a real buffoon!

It was dumping a dump truck filled with money
The cartoon was real sad, really not too funny!
Raeside appears to be really, really anti-Tory
Has he not heard about the ad-scam story?

With P.J. Mitchell we old retired soldiers all agree
Let’s support our troops from this land of the free!
‘T would be nice if Raeside found it in his soul
Not to draw Librano cartoons and the money hole!

What is the cost of human rights where women can go to school?
And kids can freely fly a kite out from under the Taliban rule!
What be the cost of Canadians who died or suffered wounds in battle?
Perhaps it’s time Cartoonist Raeside gave his head a good shake or rattle!

Letter to the Editor: Victoria Times Colonist


The Raeside cartoon Feb. 28 showing a truck dumping money into a hole labelled Afghanistan illustrates again how desperately ill-informed your cartoonist is.

As a retired serviceman, I find it offensive to have the efforts of our soldiers in Afghanistan disparaged in such an ignorant manner. Our troops are engaged in a United Nations-sponsored NATO operation to relieve the Afghani people from Taliban oppression and help restore the national infrastructure. The mission was commenced by a Liberal government and is being continued by the Conservatives.

P.J. Mitchell, Victoria.

Raeside Cartoon: February 28, 2007
Raeside Cartoon: February 28, 2007