William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The point and use of puttees is often quite moot
The wrap keeps mud from filling your boots
Half an inch for each roll is all that’s allowed
When it’s done right, you can stand proud!

Eight hundred marched sharply on the feu de joie[1]
Black putteed soldiers are the best that I saw
Sergeant Jim Waldron[2] of the Battalion Pioneers
out front with Trev Harris[3] to loud roars of cheers

Puttees are gone now that we have combat boots
High tops replace puttees with the Infantry suits
Gone are the Khaki suits, TWs[4] and BD’s[5]
Gone are the Bren Guns and our old .303s

I saw an obit clipping – Lumpy Stuart[6], he had died
A Rifle Regiment CQ[7] who wore puttees[8] with flair and pride
With the Winnipeg Rifles back in World War Two
He protected our world-bringing peace to me and you!

Author’s Note: God Bless the Rifles – this November the 11th 2004. Written in Memory of a couple of good soldiers: Rifleman Donald D.J. “Rat the Rodent” Randall, CD and SSgt (CQMS) Ed Stuart, CD

B Company, 1 QOR of C
“Rat” is in the second row right behind the “Rod” (A/CSM K.H. Kenrod “the Rod” McLeod, CD) and the 5th man over in the front row with the big stick is CQ “Lumpy” Stuart just to the right of Tom “Longboat” Eagle. Click on Photo view larger version