William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


VAC[•] has honoured me for helping veterans, and for that I am proud.
But when there are wrongs to be righted I will write poems out loud.
We lobbied for and got the CPSM[•] for award to all PK[•] women and men.
Canada now has a PK Day – After a lot of MP lobbying that effort did pay.

Our fallen are all listed in the 7th book on Parliament Hill in the Peace Tower
Thanks to our CAVUNP[•] and the CPVA’s[•] push, to advise all MPs[•] in power.
We must now push to do away with the payout to the wounded, of the lump sum,
Because our wounded may well be homeless and destitute in the years to come?

Author’s Note: Congratulations have been pouring in from all across the country regarding this award. The VAC sent airplane tickets for Lynne and me to stay at a resort in Kelowna last week, and we thoroughly enjoyed the banquet and presentation ceremony.

In casual unofficial conversations, I learned that they recognize that pro-active poetry had assisted officials to bring attention to the names of our fallen not being written in the books of remembrance in the Peace Tower in Ottawa. Action has now been taken, (The 7th Book of Remembrance), in part by the impact of the awareness poem “The Forgotten Canadians” brought, being on the net. The names of our Afghanistan War Dead are also listed in the 7th Book of Remembrance

The word could not have been passed without you my friend – I owe you a great deal buddy, as do our fallen – as well as our fallen peacekeepers.

Be well my dear friend

William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation
William Willbond: Saanichton, British Columbia

Mr. Willbond is a retired Sergeant who served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Since retiring, he has been a volunteer with the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping. Several years ago, Mr. Willbond formed the Victoria, British Columbia Chapter of his Association and continues to serve as their Secretary. He is also the Association’s National Chairman of the Honours and Awards Committee. Mr. Willbond participates and represents the Association at commemorative ceremonies throughout the Victoria region. He has also represented the Association at meetings with provincial, civic and military officials, Veterans Affairs Canada and Veterans organizations in both Victoria and Vancouver. Mr. Willbond is an active and longstanding member of The Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Airborne Association, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association and the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Association. As Chairman of the International Community for Relieve of Starvation and Suffering, Mr. Willbond has sent much-needed medical supplies to the poor in Africa from donations sent in by the public, including Veterans. Mr. Willbond is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal.

Billy Receiving his Commendation
Billy Receiving his Commendation at the Official Presentation Function

Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation Badge and Lapel Pin