William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Poets have to play the devil’s advocate
And that is why debate comments we make
People love us or hate us – that’s as it should be
Our Freedom of speech, it gotta stay free
And that comes from old guys like you and like me!

We made them put names of our dead in the tower
We continued to bug those who had all the power
The 7th book of remembrance – it did not just happen
But old poets like me, we kept up the yapping
Until politicians they had to save face
And until they gave in we just kept up the pace

Our Peacekeepers defended the whole human race
Because of Somalia we suffered disgrace
Today we patrol against the medieval Taliban
They are sending back bodies from Afghanistan
Many in our Canada they do not understand
These are all volunteers, each young woman and man!

I know it sounds foolish and civilians ask why
These young Canadians continue to die;
For a cause they believe in or a political lie?
These are the poetic truths for which we must vie
Continue asking hard questions? Yes we will – you and I!

Author’s Note: This poem refers to my poem, “The Forgotten Canadians”, which was published in the Esprit de Corps Magazine and copies were placed on all desks in the upper and lower houses. The 7th book was opened in the year of the Veteran. Thanks to all those who worked to make this a reality. It is in place now, ready to add to it the names of our fallen who are coming back from Afghanistan. May they all rest in peace!