William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Phyllis Wheaton
Phyllis Wheaton
Phyllis, thank you for all of the songs that you sing.
Thanks you for the musical joy that you bring.
Thank you for writing Canada’s new soldier songs.
Your words they do help to right some real wrongs.

Bless you for supporting our troops overseas.
You remember our wounded the least of all these.
Every year you visit the Canadian Honour Wall.
Where they list all of those, who have given their all.

Canadian Vets they honour their songwriters like you.
You sing their soldier stories and you tell what is true.
You honour each of our serving CF woman and man.
Canadian troops who are serving o’er in Afghanistan!

You honour those who wear UN blue berets.
You sing about peace and you give the troops praise.
There is one thing I’ll say before this poem ends:
“Phyllis Wheaton I’m pleased to call you my friend!”

Author’s Note: Visit the Phyllis Wheaton Website and find out more about her and her songs, particularly the Album, “In Harm’s Way” – a tribute to Canadian Soldier’s, past and present.