William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(A Request for Prayer)

What causes Canadian Soldiers to join up and to do what it is that they do?
They join up to protect all Canadians and that includes me and you
They’ll lay down their lives to keep us from harm
When they could have stayed home and helped Dad on the farm

It could be a sense of adventure? But cops and firemen have that too!
Soldiers load up each mag after swearing on bible and flag to serve HMQE2
It is a hard life on their children and very difficult on the Army wife
Separated, they move often, or come home in a coffin and that is the ultimate strife

On memorial parades there are the pacifists with each sign:
They hoot and they holler and they shout and they whine
The radicals wear Taliban T shirts, which should be a crime!
The politically correct they have taken us over in time

Annihilate with prejudice replaces a sniper’s deadly kill
Killing the scumbags isn’t heard on Parliament Hill
Our guys in the front line who go out on patrols
Are striking the scumbags off of their nominal rolls

They have taken some hits and they have shed some tears
But they continue to protect our bridge-building Engineers
With new schools and the roads that help each Afghan
Our soldiers make a difference when they kill the Taliban!

Wear red on Friday and please support the troops
The Canadians who go forward in their desert combat boots
They need your prayers and support from the good Lord above
May He bring them home safe to the ones that they love!

Hagar: The Pacifist