William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canada has home grown heroes. I personally know a few
In this poem of Canadian Honour I will mention one or two
They went off to UN wars and served for decades it’s true
Leading men under live fire on each patrol with gun crew

Don Ethell and Lew MacKenzie at the world’s trouble spots
Dodged the land mines, mortars and the field sniper’s shots
Trading prisoners and bodies and making cease fire reports
Keeping Sarajevo airport open to receive humanitarian imports

We lost 120 peacekeepers and 83 Canadian troops in Afghanistan
Those buried are the real heroes from all across this great land
Guys like Hoppe and Towers are both Canada’s heroes it’s true
Doing us proud under fire–received bravery gongs that were due

Our heroes are the wounded who lay bleeding on the field
Our heroes are their comrades who never would yield
Our heroes are the medics who saved lives under fire
Our heroes are the engineers clearing mines outside the wire

Our heroes are Quebec’s R2eR Van Doos, the Royals of London’s RCRs
Our heroes are the Princess Pat Jumpers who now drive LAV II cars
Our heroes have names carved on the wall of honour in Calgary
Our heroes come from all across Canada, this land of the free!

Our heroes come from Militia and Reserve Regiments all across this great land
The fallen are listed in a seventh book of remembrance on a peace tower stand
Sport a yellow flag lapel pin and wear red for Friday’s support the troops day
And remember our Canadian Heroes and the price they had to pay!