William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD: Orders Parade
That’s me sleeping on the guardroom floor whilst on CB. The armlet on the shirt next to me belongs to my buddy “machine gun Bill Fisher” (note the Korean US Presidential citation on same just above the Canada flash). Old Bill is now in hospital here in Victoria and we visit him from time to time – he laughs about our times on CB together. This picture was taken in the Deilinghofen Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Guardroom in Camp II British Army on the Rhine – Fort McLeod Germany in 1960
Take off that belt and that beret
Your on Orders Parade today!
Accused and escort you’ll march in
Pull in that gut hold up that chin

Halt in front of the Adjutant’s Desk
Smart right turn stick out that chest
Look the Adjutant in the eye
Tell your story – do not lie!

Stand up straight and listen well
To what the Adjutant has to tell
When you hear: “guilty without a doubt”
You’ll hear: “Sergeant Major march him out!”

After that you’ll belong to me
For fourteen days whilst on CB
Two week’s pack drill for your crime
You’ll always move at double time

The guard room floor will be your bed
With a blanket roll to rest your head
So pull in that gut and stand up straight
You’ll get a fair trial, there’s no debate!

Left Right, Left Right, One, Two, Three
Shoot that foot and bend that knee
Pack Drill Pack Drill is your fate
For being drunk at the main front gate!

ACCUSED ESCORT AND WITNESS aaahh ten shun! Ri…… ot… turn – fuckin ri… ot turn you idjit your Army ri… ot. Lef Rite Lef Rite one two three look straight ahead, listen to me! Pick up that pace whilst marking time. You got a fair trial and are guilty of your crime! Sec 88 National Defence Act, Drunkenness, and Sec 118 National Defence Act, Prejudice to the Good order and Discipline………… You’re a fuckin’ disgrace to this Rifle Regiment and all Rifle Regiments everywhere, you’ve stooped to the level of a Guardsman you horrible little man but we are about to change all that! Orderly Sergeant at the double time march take this unspeakable excuse for a soldier to the kitchen where the QMSI Cook has the weekend pots waiting to be scrubbed………… then the rocks to the TDM will need to be whitewashed……… see me later I am making up the CB shit list………