William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I had a few great sessions with a life review shrink
The Doc told me to say just whatever I might think
And as I was having my old soldier’s head read
These are the thoughts and the words to him I said:

“There’s a candy ass guy, that we just can not forget
That’s the hated ex-politician, Mr. David Collenette
A putrid demonstration in a Video by 1 Cdo
Made headlines in the media – Oh what a wonderful show!”

“Our lads came under fire in nineteen seventy-four
When the Turks and Greeks, they went back to war.
Many were wounded and some of them died
Serving in the Regiment with guts and with pride.
Our People fought sharks off the Somalia shore
To save human lives, who could ask for more?
They built a school, and repaired the road
They fixed the bridge and brought it up to code
One soldier went nuts and killed a young thief
Collenette disbanded our Regiment
and he brought us a shit load of grief!
DM of DND civvies like our own sneaky Teflon Bob
Ran away to UN HQ and a higher paying job
But David Collenette is still our most detested MND
More so than Mr. Paul Hellyer who ruined the whole GD Army!
History will prove that AIRBORNE veterans won’t forget
Our most hated politician, Mr. David Collenette!”